New Membership WG Notes 10/31/18


New Membership WG Minutes 10/31/18

Lisa, Jose, Ollie, Tom + Erin present

How do we communicate + how often?

  • email is good; post minutes to forum
  • exchange phone numbers (ALL)
  • at least once a month – in person or remotely

What are our purposes?

  • There are too many “paper” members, turn them to active members : “concentric circle diagram” from July Training: supporters → members → activists → leaders
  • Grow communication and working relationships between members
  • Membership empowerment, recruitment + outreach . . . give them tools + information + opportunities to get involved and mingle amongst other members
  • Informal ambassadors to the organization amongst new and potential members
  • Worker bees to membership secretary
  • Leverage our status as guardians of membership data and ambassadors to the membership at large to help other working groups achieve goals–be a resource to other working groups

What actions fulfill our purposes?

  • Monthly phone banking for General Meeting attendance and other events
  • Being outgoing, friendly, curious, helpful + informative at EDBM and other events
  • Hosting New Membership Orientation
  • Creating and consolidating educational information about MADSA, socialism, etc.

How was the orientation?

  • Went well! Almost everyone who RSVP’d showed up. But haven’t seen anyone since (only been 3 weeks). Prioritize folks that showed up to orientation. Follow up.
  • We should do it again: Greg has volunteered . . . first couple weeks of december figure out when exactly (Lisa will reach out) Dec. 7 or 8 probs


  • Talk to Greg about what dates work for next New Member Orientation Dec. 7 or 8th perhaps and get it on the calendar (Lisa)
  • Write script for phone banking for DDDinner (Jose)
  • Give Jose wording and details WRT DDDinner, especially around pay structure and tickets (Lisa)
  • Phonebank for DDDinner starting Monday (ALL)


  • Phone banking pace is about 15 ppl/hour including lots of voice messages . . . we could use more volunteers to phone bank
  • Phone banking has been effective overall
  • (In the context that we gave a “new member packet” with reading materials and a glossary to new members) Where is the dividing line between us and Education WG? Should we be “handing off” supporters to Education WG?
  • Education will be trying to build on successive classes, but there should also be intro classes
  • Who has the sign in list from the General Meeting? We should reach out to new people who had the first meeting.
  • Organizing cadres of membership based on location will be important in relation to future local elections (Atlanta is divided up incoherently)
  • A second monthly, non-drinking social gathering would be good for building camaraderie and offer people lower stakes than a WG or General Meeting; perhaps a monthly potluck? Social/face-to-face interaction is the best way to build connections, plan and build power