Notes from People's Inauguration Meeting 12/22/18


People’s Inauguration Meeting


Speck, Ollie, Johnell, Erin, Taney, Gregory

Next meeting will be a remote meeting, Sunday 1/30/18 (do we have a time?)

In-person meeting on Sunday, 1/6/19

What was decided

  • It will be a rally (not a march due to limited time, organizing bandwith)
  • Goals:
    • reject Kemp’s “people’s governor” scheme
    • steal thunder from his inauguration weekend
    • solidarity with people that will be harmed by his reign
    • get a huge crowd, unite left and progressive organizations/people in preparation for more resistance


  • Renitta Shannon to speak and put forth legislation that will address and correct Kemp’s many misdeeds in running his own election etc . . . demand that Kemp sign the legislation


  • Hurt Park – centrally located, MARTA accessible, possibility to March


  • Sunday, 1/13/19, 3pm-6pm

Event Description:

  • Better event description–include our ask and can be editable on Google drive . . . Sunday finish comments by Monday)
  • “Contact us if you would like to sponsor . . .”
  • Low bar for co-sponsorship (don’t need to aligned with socialism)

Speakers (People who will speak):

  • Prioritize and lift up marginalized voices
  • Partner organizations can each pick a speaker (non-cis white men preferred)
  • How many partner organization are we having? 7ish.
  • Use Event Description as a way to help invite partners Co-hosts: Atlanta JwJ (Shannon), Alliance for Black Lives (Mary Woodsong), Our Revolution, Georgia Alliance for Social Justice, SONG, CAIR, GLAHR, Mijente – each speak for 4 minutes . . . New Georgia Project (Nse) + Fallon – Erin will do co-host invities . . .
  • Also, someone from the Abrams campaign
  • Also, someone from the NAACP
  • Also, ask John Lewis
  • Broader ask to sponsors: SURGE – group will do co-sponsor
  • Co-hosts (more involved/aligned) vs. sponsors (bigger resources)
  • AROMA will have database organizations’ contact info

Things to do other than speaking:

  • Sign making
  • Chalk (they don’t arrest you for it) like graffiti but not graffiti
  • An MC? A comedian? Maybe Rara? Mariah aka lingua franca? Killer Mike? (Ollie will invite Mariah, mayor of Athens)
  • Button machine
  • Ask about leftist musicians/entertainment etc. on Slack?
  • What will the budget be for these other activities?

Brochure: with community agreements from the day (please don’t break shit), and “this is why we are here”. Speck will ask around about designing a foldable 2 pager thing with community agreements, socialism, why we are here, etc. Can be built on top of the event description

Peace Marshalls – bandanas to ID each person’s purpose (agenda person, safety person) . . . official looking people are the first arrested, but official looking people also make other people feel safer

Figure out who wants to be a Marshall? (Who will do this?)

Can SURGE can host a training for peace marshall? (Erin?)

Best way to communicate on day of event? Radio? Text? Slack?

We do have a speaker and microphone . . . rent or buy a battery power source, Atl JwJ and GASJ will let us borrow their sound system . . . shannon can help with equipment needs . . . must make sure this happens

Co-sponsors can bring tables/blankets, materials if they want be we are not responsible for the well being of their property . . . this isn’t a festival

Gregory has a bunch of stickers for parking validation

Speck will do a graphic for the event

Speck will eventually get facebook “ad of public importance verified” for MADSA


On Facebook, invite friends, have friends invite friends, have co-sponsors invite friends

In person promotion?


  • Rewrite event description (Taney)
  • Edit, read, finalize event description on 12/24/18 (everyone)
  • Invite partners to co-host; running list of potential co-hosts (Erin):
    • Atlanta JwJ (Shannon)
    • Alliance for Black Lives (Mary Hooks)
    • Our Revolution
    • Georgia Alliance for Social Justice
    • SONG
    • CAIR
    • GLAHR
    • Mijente
    • New Georgia Project (Nse)
    • “Fallon”
  • Additional folks to invite to speak or perform:
    • Someone from the Abrams campaign (Erin or Ollie)
    • Renitta Shannon (Erin)
    • John Lewis (MADSA executive committee?)
    • Mariah Parker aka lingua franca (Ollie)
    • Rara as MC?
  • Things to do at rally other than speak/listen (Gregory)
    • Chalk
    • Sign making
    • Other entertainers/entertainment
    • Co-sponsors can “blanket” (not table) their literature
    • Button machine
    • Need to determine budget for these activities
  • Ask around for a brochure maker (Speck)
  • Create a graphic for the event (Speck)
  • Figure out marshalls policy and training (Gregory, Erin, everyone?)


re: leftist music
I could check in with Will Hoge if you wa nt him. His new country/rock album is epic left- check it out. He’s in Nashville…maybe not too far for him to come.
cherie in Nashville