The Can't Win Candidate




Heartily agree with this analysis. Huge difference between fighting an uphill battle that we’re unlikely to win in order to raise awareness and engage the public in struggle, and fighting literal impossible battles that will just waste peoples’ time. There’s a reason DSA is growing so quickly while the Greens have flatlined for decades.


Tactics are concrete. So at other times I’d be fine with endorsing Howie, but not now. At this time we should not associate with purely propaganda campaigns either in primaries or as independent candidates. The reason is through our successes and those of others, we are sending a message that the working class is starting to get it together and socialists are an emerging force to be reckoned with. We undercut that message if we identify with symbolic, protest candidacies with little support and not much campaigning. We should engage only in full-court-press campaigns that can get a real following in the given district, even if outright winning this time around is almost out of the question.