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Come talk to us about your efforts to create a society built for people left behind by capitalism. We can’t do it alone and we can’t do it without you. So tell us who you are, what you’re doing, and how you think you can help!

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America is one of some 200 local Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) chapters, organizing committees and youth chapters in the U.S. (www.dsausa.org), with a rapidly growing membership. As democratic socialists, we envision a society and a world where resources are democratically controlled to benefit all. In pursuing this goal, we educate the public about socialist values and policies and build progressive coalitions committed to fighting for economic and social justice. DSA is an educational organization (501c4), not a political party.

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So, for 48+ years now I have marched and spoken, written and confronted on behalf of one principle: that in the USA Equal should equal Equal. By that I mean people have intrinsic value - all people, even me. How we behave affects others and if your behavior sets one person or group intrinsically above another, you are wrong and I have confronted you for that 48+ years. At the start, “VC” were things to kill. Muhammed Ali noted that he had nothing against them. Me either and I marched against that war. Civil Rights, Hispanic Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Women’s Rights (as a charter member of the Georgia chapter of N.O.W., to start), I’ve marched with Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, but more often with less known but equally valuable people. The University of Georgia gave me its annual service award, as did the Latin American Association, the Rotary Club, my church, and the State Bar of Georgia. Here is what the Bar said (in the April 2014 Georgia Bar Journal issue available online):

John T. Longino, John T. Longino Law Office, Waleska, exemplifies the consummate servant-leader to his northern Georgia community. He has been a member of several Rotary Clubs, (Cherokee, Canton and Gilmer) and he and his family have served as a host family for a number of foreign students. He spent time as a math and science teacher for Gilmer County primary and elementary schools, is a member and small group leader at North Point Community Church and was co-founder of Port Tack Ministries for hurricane rescue and relief by water. Longino also co-founded the Whitfield County service agency Centro Latino, Inc., the oldest agency serving Hispanics in North Georgia. His leadership and involvements impact a wide range of individuals, particularly young people and Spanish-speaking citizens.”

I speak Spanish and worked 42 years as a trial attorney. I just returned from volunteering my services in McAllen Texas helping people seeking asylum in the USA.

We have fallen so far, we have as a people lost critical thinking skills. The election of 45 is the nadir of our nation. Our refusal to deal with climate change is the nadir of our species. There is not much this old warrior can do to reverse our collapse. The second generation of my family fought in our Revolutionary War. As the patriarch of this generation, I have applied for and have been granted residency in Europe. As safe as they can be, I will aspire for our 7 children. We move January 9, 2019.